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Techniques to Release Your Divine Gifts

The techniques I use to release your divine gifts are elegant, simple and straight forward.

Monthly Sound Healing Sessions

At the beginning of each month you start with a Sacred Soul Sound Session to set your soul song free. The goal is use the sound of your voice to remove what no longer serves you from your body and surrounding energy field. From your voice imprint we create a 32 minute MP3 that you will listen to once a day. In addition we create structured water with contains your personal voice imprint of which you will drink 5 to 6 glasses a day. You create change and transformation in life form the outside in by listening to the MP4 and from the inside out by drinking the water. For more information check out the on-line course Let the Sound of Your Voice Change Your DNA on the Academy. For more information click here. (For more background information on Quantum Sound Therapy please visit

Deep Energy Clearings

In addition you will learn how to undertake energy clearings for yourself, family and loved ones and also for your clients. You will also learn how to identify old programs that no longer serve you and then create laser focused intention statements to clear them and bring them to zero. Next you will learn how to install new programs that align with your divine gifts so you know how to maintain your personal energy no matter what situations show up in your life. While the on-line program is focused on those in crises the same techniques can be used to release your divine gifts. While psychologists say it takes 21 to 40 days to fully create a new habit I know the time duration can become instantaneous and this is what we call a miracle. For more information on the course please click here.

Other Healing Modalities

During the year we work together I will be using many energy clearing and healing modalities to remove from your energy field what no longer serves you. My medicine bag includes being an intuitive, a Licensed Spiritual Healer, a Licensed Sound Healer, an Advanced Heart Resonance Practitioner, Usai and Atlantian Reiki Master, Master Dowser, Instant Miracle and Peace Process Practitioner, an Exorcist of Possession etc. in this lifetime. I am also a shaman in this life and during many past lives. During the year we work together you will have the opportunity to learn many of these healing modalities and how to use them and become a Certified Energy Healer.

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