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Discover, Release and Deliver Your Divine Gifts to the World NOW

If you are an empath, intuitive or spiritually sensitive, imagine being all that you can be!

Imagine standing in your truth no matter what, rocking your world, and delivering your unique gifts to the world!


If you are ready right NOW, then……

…the My Divine Gifts Program is for you!

There are three interconnected components to this year- long mentoring/coaching program.

Component 1: Discover Your Divine Gifts
Component 2: Release Your Divine Gifts
Component 3: Deliver Your Divine Gifts to the world.

This program provides you with the support and the tools you need, so you can:

Imagine knowing your life’s purpose, and the unique gifts you are to deliver to the world

What people are saying about the Divine Gifts program

  • On 12/28/2015, Pamela Cournoyer said the following:

    Congrats my friend! You are moving through space and time to become a very, very well known and revered leader in helping people regain their lives. I am so very glad to be your friend.

    Pamela CournoyerLeadership, Coach, Executive Coach, Corporate Communication
  • Thank you for all you have done in facilitating my healing and I have a better awareness of what I feel and know it matters now. I can not thank you enough. It was one of my deeper healings in the Removal of Toxic Emotions Certification program so far. I am grateful to you.
    March 5. 2016 Trinidad and Tobago
    Reenee MahabirRemoving Toxic Emotions Practioner
  • The only thing I wish, is that I would have started earlier with this great program. It absolutely changed my life. I’m soooo grateful Tyhson.

  • I liked his ability to get to the heart of the matter my deepest problems at a spiritual level. I respect his ability to take authority in the mater respecting cultural traditions. Very knowledgeable

    Tyhson can meet anyone at the table he will also make you or them, whom ever place all your their marbles on the table even the ones you want to hide in your pocket or save for later.. he welcomes your darkest experiences to the table in a comfortable way.. He is fun to work with easy to communicate with, respectful, quite honestly I am liberated by his presence. Tyhson has earned my deepest respect.

    Hawaii, February 26, 2016

    Jennifer K. JimToxic Emotions Practioner
  • Hello Tyhson,  going through our meetings has helped me end that story no matter what. And close that door. I was validating my time this way. Spiritually holds a dominant place in my reality. And I know that my existence does not belong to this world. They, meaning spiritual people, have told me that I was born spiritual. And my mission is to heal souls and influence the world with my writing. Thx u for breaking that cycle of the Never ending story.Annette


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