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About Tyhson Banighen, M.A.

Tyhson Banighen – Mentor & Business Coach

Professional Mission

I research and teach ancient and modern Technologies of Transformation or Enlightenment that are simple, straight forward and can be easily learned by anyone. My goal is to empower people, so they are able to bring about positive change in their lives. Then they can heal themselves, others, and the planet.

Learning to En-Lighten yourself helps you re-member your true inner nature and your connection to Source and to the planet. As humans we are all one with all of life. But, we forget that we individually and collectively co-create the world we live in. Your outer world is but a  reflection of your inner world. We are the stewards or caretakers of the planetary life stream that nurtures and sustains us.

I am a certified  “Coaching for Divine Purpose” coach.

In the area of Sacred Body, I am a Certified Spiritual Coach, an Intuitive, an Atlantean & Usui Reiki Master and a Heart Resonance Advanced Practitioner. I have learned healing techniques from many teachers and indigenous elders.  I have studied and traveled with a Mayan Shaman for many years visiting sacred Mayan temples in Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras conducting sacred ceremony.

I am a Certified Sound Coach with the Quantum Sound Therapy system that releases core fractures, karma and traumas which are the roots of stress and pain. I can assist you to know your soul essence through sound and vibration so you can release your Divine Gifts to the World.

I am an Energy Detective, Master Dowser and Teacher, Diviner and Geomancer who provides wellness assessments, exorcism of possession and karmic releases. For more on these services visit I am on the Board of Directors of The Canadian Society of Questers and was the former Vice President. I am the President of the Holistic Intuition Society that provides online dowsing and energy healing books, videos, tools and services.

For more on Tyhson Banighen as a Business and Non Profit Mentor and Coach please click here.