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Hello Tyhson,  going through our meetings has helped me end that story no matter what. And close that door. I was validating my time this way. Spiritually holds a dominant place in my reality. And I know that my existence does not belong to this world. They, meaning spiritual people, have told me that I was born spiritual. And my mission is to heal souls and influence the world with my writing. Thx u for breaking that cycle of the Never Ending Story.

Annette, Author

I have just started on my “journey” with the Discover My Divine Gifts program, and I had to take the time out to say how amazing the experience has been thus far. I am discovering hidden aspects of myself that have not allowed me to be my authentic self, and have experienced many epiphanies as I get closer to the truth of who I am. I am going to recommend this program to everyone. I feel so empowered!!!


Tyhson Banighen is a coach I completely trust. I feel a sense of safety and acceptance from him that I don’t feel near as strongly from others. I’ve been in the world of coaches and business for over 10-years. Tyhson is both a sage and compassionate. He has an incredible ability to see what is stopping you from becoming the best you can be and then getting you light years beyond it. I highly recommend working with Tyhson Banighen for business and life, he will get you beyond your dreams. Here is another video testimonial from Pamela.

Pamela Cournoyer Founder and CEO of Communicate With Class Executive Training Las Vegas

Finally I’m there where I wanted to be all my life… I found myself and my purpose…. I found a great new job and rescued my relationship. Thanks Tyhson!!!


The best experience ever,  … it changed my life