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See what people say about ‘My Divine Gifts’

[shvc_testimonial fontcolor=”#828282″ bgcolor=”#f6f6f6″ bordercolor=”#c8c8c8″ name=”Annette” title=”, Author”]Hello Tyhson,  going through our meetings has helped me end that story no matter what. And close that door. I was validating my time this way. Spiritually holds a dominant place in my reality. And I know that my existence does not belong to this world. They, meaning spiritual people, have told me that I was born spiritual. And my mission is to heal souls and influence the world with my writing. Thx u for breaking that cycle of the Never Ending Story.

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I have just started on my “journey” with the Discover My Divine Gifts program, and I had to take the time out to say how amazing the experience has been thus far. I am discovering hidden aspects of myself that have not allowed me to be my authentic self, and have experienced many epiphanies as I get closer to the truth of who I am. I am going to recommend this program to everyone. I feel so empowered!!!

[/shvc_testimonial][shvc_testimonial fontcolor=”#828282″ bgcolor=”#f6f6f6″ bordercolor=”#c8c8c8″ name=”Pamela Cournoyer Founder and CEO of Communicate With Class Executive Training ” image=”2645″ title=”Las Vegas “]Tyhson Banighen is a coach I completely trust. I feel a sense of safety and acceptance from him that I don’t feel near as strongly from others. I’ve been in the world of coaches and business for over 10-years. Tyhson is both a sage and compassionate. He has an incredible ability to see what is stopping you from becoming the best you can be and then getting you light years beyond it. I highly recommend working with Tyhson Banighen for business and life, he will get you beyond your dreams. Here is another video testimonial from Pamela.

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Finally I’m there where I wanted to be all my life… I found myself and my purpose…. I found a great new job and rescued my relationship. Thanks Tyhson!!!

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The best experience ever,  … it changed my life